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10 Questions for Reflection and Growth

With Christmas festivities behind us, many of us are enjoying a slower pace of life. Perhaps we're taking a much-needed holiday or working reduced hours; or maybe we're working our normal shifts but with extended daylight hours it feels like we have more time to relax, unwind, and have fun after work.

No matter which of these scenarios are playing out for you, now is a great time to pause and reflect on the year that is ending; and take those learnings forward into the year that is beginning.

I invite you to read through the following questions now; and in the days ahead, notice the thoughts that come to the surface. You might enjoy writing the answers in a journal as they reveal themselves. You may also enjoy sharing your reflections with your special human; and in turn, you may take delight in learning their reflections too.

  1. How are you different from a year ago?

  2. What did you enjoy the most this year?

  3. What are you most proud of this year?

  4. What drained you during the past year?

  5. What energised you during the past year?

  6. What were the best decisions that you made?

  7. What have you learned from the challenging times?

  8. What did you learn about yourself?

  9. What are you going to continue doing?

  10. In what way(s) do you intend to be different in a year from now?

Now is also a great time to re-visit your Hierarchy of Values; and notice what has remained steadfast and what has changed as a result of the year's experiences and learnings.


Start your journey today towards living a balanced, joyful, and fulfilling life.

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