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Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Originally created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970s, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an extremely powerful, goal-oriented, and practical therapeutic approach to problem solving, self development, and health management.  It is based on the premise that each person has their own "map" or model of the world (with no map/model being more "real" than any other); and that the processes inside a person (memories, thoughts, and ways of thinking), and between a person and their environment (attitudes, habits, and behaviours), are systemic (linked together).

Neuro refers to the unique mental filtering system each of us has established to process the huge amounts of information being absorbed through our senses.  Our perception of what we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell is filtered through our beliefs and values, and thus forms our unique experiences and understanding of the world.

Linguistic refers to the language we use to convey the internal images, sounds, feelings, tastes, and smells as perceived by our conscious and unconscious mind.

Programming refers to the attitudes, behaviours, and habits we form as a result of the information we take in throughout our lives and the influences of the people and environment around us.


Habits are created through repetition - when you do something repeatedly (such as practicing a new skill, forming a new eating habit, or the way in which you say something), your brain creates neural pathways.  These neural pathways can be either to your advantage or your detriment, resulting in them having either a positive or a negative impact on your life.  The great thing about the mind is that everything you learn can be unlearned too, and this is where NLP comes into play.

Everyone has all the resources they need to make positive changes in their life - NLP techniques can be used to facilitate these changes by teaching skills to stop that internal nagging voice; to move on from disappointment; to decide on a new way of behaving; and establishing new patterns of behaviour.  Best of all, YOU become your own expert as you learn to apply the techniques in other situations - reducing the potential of becoming reliant on the therapist.

Unlike psychotherapy, NLP does not require you to re-live past hurts/traumas in order to heal.  Rather, it uses physiology and the unconscious mind to change thought processes and therefore behaviour.

In addition, NLP teaches us how to comprehend and fully appreciate another person's way of understanding the world - which in turn, makes for clearer and more accurate communication.  The words we use - both within the chatter inside our heads and with others - strongly influences our lives.  Our words are part of our thinking process, and our thinking dictates our emotions, behaviour, and ultimately, our health.  NLP teaches us how to reduce and potentially eliminate our habits of using words in ways that are unproductive.


NLP also teaches us how to awaken our senses - allowing us to learn about the world around us with astonishing richness.


Last but not least, NLP therapeutic techniques are quick - requiring just six sessions or less, with noticeable and permanent changes achievable within the first session.

Change is possible.  Change is fast.  Change is permanent.

Start your journey today towards living a balanced, joyful, and fulfilling life.

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