Empowering you to make changes and

restore balance to your life

Wellness Coaching

With your permission, I will walk alongside you, harnessing a variety of therapeutic techniques tailored to fit your individual needs.

You will be empowered to take control of the issues you're experiencing, make the changes you desire, and restore balance to you life, so that you can

live the life you love.


From helplines to articles, audio and video clips, case studies, research findings, personality tests, book reviews, memes, and musings...


Here you will find a variety of useful resources to assist you on your journey towards gaining and maintaining balance in your life.

Policies / Fees

Although I am based in Christchurch, thanks to the wonders of technology, we can meet in cyberspace - either in the comfort of your home or any other location of your choosing - all you need is internet access.

Individual sessions are 60 mins

Couples sessions are 90 mins


About Franciska

I was 35 when the world around me came crumbling down.  After years of trying to be everything to everyone, I found myself burned out and suffering from a variety of emotional and physical health issues.  I was stressed, distressed, and desperately unhappy.  Then my marriage ended and my vision of what the future entailed, completely wiped away. 


Enter grief.  Then survival mode.  Followed by healing.  And a process of transformation.

I learned the importance of having balance in life.  Then found my calling.

Today I have the pleasure of helping others manage and overcome grief, trauma, anxiety, and phobias; and empower people to restore their self-esteem, confidence, health, wellbeing, and better relationships.

I work with both individuals and couples, so that they may enjoy better, more fulfilling lives.


Christchurch / Nation-Wide

Mobile: 021 555 068

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